3.41 Education Abroad Programs

Board Policies
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

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Part 1. Policy Statement

The colleges and universities of Minnesota State strive to provide students with academic and experiential opportunities outside the United States to acquire cultural experiences and develop global competencies.

Part 2. Process Components

Colleges and universities will have a process for approval, evaluation, quality improvement, and the delivery of appropriate institutional support for education abroad programs.

Part 3. Health and Safety of Participants

Education abroad programs approved for credit by a college or university must be established with sound health, safety, and security measures that minimize risks to the participant and college or university.

Colleges and universities that offer education abroad programs shall request disclosures of hospitalizations and deaths related to participation in the education abroad program. Upon completion of the program, the college or university shall submit necessary reports to the Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 5.41.

Part 4. Risk Assessment

Colleges and universities offering education abroad programs shall conduct a thorough risk assessment for the program prior to and during the travel period of the program and comply with the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories.

Part 5. Third-Party Providers

The requirements of this policy apply to education abroad programs offered by a third-party provider pursuant to a contract with a college or university. Colleges and universities shall inform students that any information students receive about non-contracted third-party providers does not constitute an endorsement, approval, or evidence that the college or university has vetted the third-party provider.

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  • Minn. Stat. §197.775 Higher Education Fairness
  • Minn. Stat. §5.41 Study Abroad Programs

Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 01/24/18
Date of Implementation: 01/24/18
Date of Last Review: 06/20/23

Date & Subject of Amendments:

06/20/23 - Policy was reviewed. No changes were recommended. Board was updated at the Academic and Student Affairs Committee meeting on June 20, 2023.

11/14/18 – The U.S. Department of State changed the International Travel Warning System from “Travel Warnings” to “Travel Advisories”. Part 4 was amended to reflect that change.

No additional history.