Online Learning

Minnesota State has been a long-time provider of online learning — and with more students looking for flexible education options, Minnesota State continues to tailor its learning models to meet the diverse needs of modern learners.

If you’re interested in a fully online experience or a hybrid model, Minnesota State has options to fit your needs.

Key Features of Online Learning at Minnesota State

  • Increased Access
    At Minnesota State, we believe that education should be within reach for everyone. Our online learning options break down barriers, allowing you to pursue your academic goals from anywhere. Whether you just prefer learning online or are someone trying to fit education into a busy schedule, our programs are designed to accommodate your lifestyle.

  • Flexibility
    We understand that life can be unpredictable, and traditional schedules may not suit everyone. At Minnesota State, flexibility is important to help make our education accessible. Tailor your learning experience to fit your life, with the ability to access course materials, lectures, and assignments at your convenience.

  • Multiple Options
    From exclusively online courses to majority in-person courses with some online classes, Minnesota State has a broad range of options for students. Our exclusively online courses provide Minnesota State's reputation for extraordinary education at an exceptional value to students in the comfort of their home.

A Common Collection of Technology Tools

Minnesota State equips you with a common set of tools and products to help you make the most out of your educational experience — regardless of the college or university you attend. Below are just a few of these tools students and faculty have access to.

  • D2L’s Brightspace is the learning management system used at each of the colleges and universities of Minnesota State. D2L’s Brightspace is a longstanding and award winning online learning platform that keeps you connected to faculty and classmates.
  • Microsoft 365 provides you with access to a wide range of Microsoft products that are essential to your academic success — these Microsoft products are provided at no additional cost.
  • Zoom has become a critical tool connecting you with faculty and classmates in the modern learning environment. A license to Zoom is provided at no additional cost to students and faculty.
  • Tutoring services are available to you in-person and online. For students not able to get to campus for in-person tutoring, Minnesota State provides all students access to online tutoring services -- available at any time. 

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