5.12 Tuition and Fee Due Dates, Refunds, Withdrawals and Waivers

Board Policies
Chapter 5 - Administration

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Part 1. Purpose
To provide management and guidance on tuition and fee due dates, refunds, withdrawals, and waivers.

Part 2. Authority
Policy 1A.1, Part 6, Subpart A states that the board is authorized by Minnesota Statute §136F.06 to adopt suitable policies for the institutions it governs.

Part 3. Tuition and Fee Due Date
Colleges and universities shall follow the tuition and fees payment due date framework as authorized by system procedure. Colleges and universities shall drop all courses for students who have not met the minimum payment requirement, do not have a financial aid deferment, or have not established a payment plan. An extension of the payment due date must be granted to students who have filed and are awaiting approved financial aid from federal, state or other third-party sources.

Colleges and universities shall inform a student that has received a financial aid deferment that they will remain registered and financially obligated for the tuition and fees even if they do not receive financial aid.

The president or designee may grant short-term tuition and fee payment deferrals in cases where, due to exceptional circumstances, a student needs additional time to arrange third-party financing or otherwise satisfy a tuition and fee balance due.

Part 4. Payment Plans
Colleges and universities shall provide payment plans for students, permitting them to pay their tuition and fees after the due date. Colleges and universities shall assess a fee for payment plans to cover the costs of processing payments consistent with this policy.

Part 5. Refunds for Dropped Courses
Students may attend at least one class session for each registered, credit-based course without obligation. Refunds for courses dropped by the established deadline will be issued as authorized by the system procedure on refunds.

Students are financially obligated for tuition and fees if withdrawing from a course after the established deadline to drop courses. Students may petition the college or university to apply the amount of the tuition and fees from a course withdrawal to the cost of an added course for the current academic term.

Part 6. Waivers
The president or designee may waive amounts due to the college or university as authorized by the system procedure on waivers.

Each college or university shall define the terms under which any authorized waiver will be granted. The college or university shall document the reason for all waivers. The college or university cannot waive the MSUSA or MSCSA student association fee. However, a college or university may elect to pay the fee on behalf of a student who qualifies for an approved tuition or fee waiver.

Colleges and universities shall, in consultation with students, develop guidelines to implement this policy. These guidelines must be available to students.

Part 7. Accountability and Reporting
Colleges and universities shall maintain records on refunds, drops, withdrawals, nonattendance, and waivers to ensure accountability and accurate reporting in accordance with applicable procedures.

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Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 06/21/00
Date of Implementation: 08/15/07
Date of Last Review: 10/19/16

Date & Subject of Amendments:

10/19/16 – Added a new Part 1. Purpose and Part 2. Authority. Language on refunds and waivers was amended to add clarity and consistency with terminology used in current processes. The refund schedule section was removed from the policy, but the language will be moved to procedure 5.12.4 Refund of Tuition and Fees. Additional wording and formatting changes throughout for consistency and clarity.


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