5.12.2 Tuition Waivers, Deferrals, and Retroactive Drops - History

System Procedures
for Chapter 5 - Administration

for Board Policy 5.12

Date of Adoption: 09/18/97
Date of Implementation: 09/18/97
Date of Last Review: 03/10/22

Date and Subject of Amendments:

03/10/22 - Amendments consists of technical edits, and the application of new formatting and writing standards.

08/08/16 - The title was amended. Content has been expanded to include all tuition waivers, deferrals, and retroactive drops, not just for persons under guardianship. Waiver and deferral detail moved from Policy 5.12. Language was added to allow the president or designee to approve a retroactive drop based on individual student circumstances.

03/06/15 - Part 2 amended to include Native American students in the waiver.

06/21/00 - Moved language formerly in system procedure 5.8.1.