Wildland Firefighting

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Credential Code: 500169

Revised Date(s): 6/17/15

Minimum Qualifications

Education Requirement

  • Associate's degree.

Occupational Experience Requirement

  • Four full-time years (or equivalent) of verified related paid work experience in natural resources (such as forestry, wildlife, or wildland fire management).

Recency Requirement

  • One year of this work experience shall be within the five years immediately preceding the date of application for this credential field.

Professional Requirement

  • National Wildlife Coordinating Group (NWCG) qualified Single Resource Boss in one of the following areas: CRWB (crew boss), ENGB (engine boss), FIRB (fire ring boss) or FLEB (felling boss) AND completion of M410 (facilitative instructor training) verified by the Master Training Record from either IQCS (Incident Qualification and Certification System) for federal qualified candidates or IQS (Incident Qualification System) for state qualified candidates.