Academic Programs

The Academic Programs and Quality Assurance unit works with Minnesota State campuses to:

  • Ensure program quality and excellence that is competitive on a national and international level in meeting the needs of students for occupational, general, undergraduate, and graduate education;
  • Facilitate ease of transfer among schools and programs, integrate course credit, and coordinate degree programs;
  • Give the highest priority to meeting the needs of Minnesota employers for a highly skilled and adaptable workforce;
  • Enhance Minnesota's quality of life by developing an understanding and appreciation of a free and diverse society; and
  • Eliminate unnecessary duplication of programs and achieve high quality programs to meet the diverse needs of the Minnesota workforce.

View the official inventory of Minnesota State academic programs.

Notices of Intent

Notices of Intent provide statewide opportunity for review and comment regarding newly proposed programs.

None at this time.

Jesse Mason, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Barb Embacher, PhD
Director of Academic Programs and Special Projects

Gabe Lindo-Ardila
Interim Director of Academic Programs

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