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Campus Climate refers to the experience of individuals and groups on a campus and the quality and extent of the interaction between those various groups and individuals. Educational researchers, Hurtado et al. (2008), describe campus climate as a part of the institutional context that includes community members' attitudes, perceptions, behaviors, and expectations around issues of race, ethnicity, gender identity, and other dimensions of diversity.

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Resource from the American Indian College Fund: Creating Visibility and Healthy Learning Environments for Native Americans in Higher Education

Campus Climate Contact Information

If you have any questions, contact Tarnjeet Kang, PhD, Director of Equity Assessment at or Paul Shepherd. PhD, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at

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Below you will find information and resources relevant to campus climate including surveys, reports, and articles. 


In September 2023, the Bureau of Justice Statistics awarded a vendor to create a standardized Campus Climate Survey, which is required per the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act (2022). The standardized survey will be available through a secure and accessible online portal for all postsecondary institutions to use to collect data and information regarding students’ experiences of interpersonal violence, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and sexual assault.

For the forthcoming survey tool, the solicitation allowed for a maximum of 36 months from the award date for the vendor to have the standardized Campus Climate Survey tool ready for implementation. Once more information is available, this section will be updated.

Currently, Minnesota State colleges and universities publish annual security reports (Clery Act reporting), which include annual reporting statistics for the interpersonal violence areas identified above. To access the current available data, navigate to the Campuses website, identify a specific campus, and locate the Clery report or campus contact person to learn more.


Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act of 2022 (US Congress), Section 1507: Online Survey Tool for Campus Safety

Bureau of Justice Statistics: Campus Climate Survey Description

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