Transfer Information

Minnesota State institutions work together to make transferring as easy as possible.

Minnesota State universities have committed to guarantee admission to Minnesota State college students who complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and earn a minimum grade point average in an associate of arts degree — students will start at their university of choice as a junior. This admissions guarantee ensures that students can seamlessly and reliably transfer from Minnesota State colleges to Minnesota State universities

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum is a framework for students completing an associate’s degree or planning to transfer from a two-year public college to a four-year public university in Minnesota. The framework outlines educational expectations, student outcome goals, and core competencies that are to be addressed in courses included in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

The seven universities of Minnesota State have formed a partnership with the four tribal colleges in Minnesota for seamless transfer between institutions. Learn more about this transfer opportunity.

It's important to plan early and ask questions to make sure your courses fulfill the requirements of your new degree program.

  • Associate of Arts (AA) – Designed to transfer into most liberal arts four-year majors; however, some baccalaureate majors may require specific pre-major courses as part of the degree program.
  • Associate of Science (AS) – Two-year program designed for transfer into a specific four-year major and will likely require completing additional general education courses at a university.
  • Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) – Two-year program designed for transfer into a specific four-year major and will likely require completing additional general education courses at a university.
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) – Two-year program for a specific occupation. While some courses may transfer, the degree is not designed for transfer.

Transferology makes exploring college transfer easy. Create an account. Add some courses. Get results!

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Learn how to import your courses from Minnesota State institutions directly in to your account.

After you import your courses, learn how to find transfer matches and how to apply your courses to a program

CollegeSource created the degree audit, academic planning, and transfer articulation products that are used by Minnesota State colleges and universities.

Transferology Resource Videos:

Formal transfer agreements (formerly known as articulation agreements) between two or more colleges and universities allow a "receiving" school to accept transfer credits from another school toward a specific academic program. 

The Minnesota State Student Planner is a web-based student planning system that can be accessed on any device connected to the internet and includes:

  • Degree Audits
  • Graduation Planner
  • Schedule Builder


Use the Veterans Education Transfer System to find out how your military training and experience transfers into academic programs at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Reverse Transfer is a process by which university coursework is transferred back to a previously attended community college for the purpose of awarding an Associate of Arts (AA) degree.

Minnesota State strongly believes in recognizing the credits students enter in with. But we know students may not always be satisfied with a college or university transfer decision. Students may appeal a transfer decision at a college or university level and at the system level.

A system level transfer appeal form must be submitted to the academic and student affairs transfer unit at the system office to initiate a system level transfer appeal. If you have not already appealed through all levels at your college or university, you must complete that process prior to initiating a system level appeal.

The contact information for the system office and more information about the process is located in the downloadable form above.

Minnesota State and the four tribal colleges of Minnesota have developed a partnership that paves the way for seamless transfer between the 2-year tribal colleges and any of the seven Minnesota State universities. Learn more about transferring from a Tribal College to a Minnesota State university.

Click here if you attended a private college that has recently closed or will be closing and want more information about transferring to Minnesota State.
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