Minnesota State Student Planner

Minnesota State Student Planner. Audits, Plans, Schedules.

Minnesota State Student Planner is where you access custom degree audits, plans, and schedules to assist you with planning to reach your academic goals.

Minnesota State students: Questions? Contact your Program Advisor at your college or university directly.

How to Log into Minnesota State Student Planner.

Students are encouraged to run and check their Audit (and their Plan, if they have one) every semester and whenever a change (like transferring in credits) has been made:

  • Before they register for classes to see which courses they still need.
  • After they register for classes to check that the courses they registered for meet their program requirements.
  • After their grades are posted to make sure the grades are correct and meet the requirements.


Track your progress toward graduation!

Degree Audit
 provides a personalized listing of courses and requirements, marking them as already completed, planned, or still needed.

Available at all Minnesota State colleges and universities.

Stay on your path and graduate on time!

Graduation Planner
 uses the most up-to-date information available from the student record system and Degree Audit, including transfer and in-progress courses.

Available at most Minnesota State colleges and universities.

Create your optimized schedule!

Schedule Builder 
uses courses from a Preferred Plan in Graduation Planner or manually added to create multiple possible schedules.

Available at most Minnesota State colleges and universities.



Minnesota State faculty and staff: Access staff-facing information and user guides on the Transfer and Degree Audit Support SharePoint page on ASA ConnectFaculty/Staff login: YourStarID@MinnState.edu