3.8 Student Complaints and Grievances

Board Policies
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

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Part 1. Purpose
To ensure students have a process to resolve student complaints and grievances when no other designated complaint, grievance, or appeal process applies to the situation.

Part 2. Policy Statement
A student has the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement through a designated complaint or grievance procedure. Each college and university shall establish procedures, in consultation with student representatives and others, for handling complaints and grievances. These procedures must not substitute for other grievance procedures specific in board, college or university policies or procedures, regulations, or negotiated agreements.

This policy does not apply to academic grade disputes. Grade appeals must be handled under the academic policy of the college or university.

Part 3. College and University Policies and Procedures
College and university student grievance policies and procedures must comply with Board Policy 3.8 and System Procedure 3.8.1.

Part 4. Appeals to the Chancellor
A student may appeal a college’s or university’s final decision to the chancellor if the grievance involves a board policy, system procedure, the actions of a college or university president, an issue of institutional or program quality such as a college’s or university’s compliance with the standards of an accrediting or licensing agency, or a claim of consumer fraud or deceptive trade practice. The decision of the chancellor is final and binding.

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Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 06/20/95
Date of Implementation: 07/01/95
Date of Last Review: 06/19/19

Date & Subject of Amendments:

06/18/19 - Added a purpose section as Part 1 and renumbered the other sections, restructured several sentences to remove awkwardness, and added Part 4 at the request of General Counsel.


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