2.3 Student Involvement in Decision-Making

Board Policies
Chapter 2 -Students

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Part 1. Purpose
To promote student involvement in college, university, and system decision-making and to assure that student perspectives are considered.

Part 2. Policy Statement
Students, through their campus and statewide student associations, must be provided the opportunity:

  • for representation on college, university, and system committees involving or affecting student interests, and
  • to review or be consulted on issues that have significant impact on students, including but not limited to, policy development and/or decision-making processes.

Campus student associations have the responsibility to provide a campus student association letter when requested by the Board of Trustees.

Part 3. Selection of Student Representatives

  • At the system level, student representative(s) must be selected by the statewide student association(s).
  • At the college or university level, student representative(s) must be selected by the recognized campus student association(s).

Part 4. Exceptions
This policy does not apply to the following:

  1. Committees established for the evaluation of personnel.
  2. Committees established under collective bargaining agreements.
  3. Management teams, presidential cabinets, and committees of the Board of Trustees.

Related Documents:

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  • Minn. Stat. § 135A.0434 Mandatory Student Activity Fees Referendum

Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 4/18/95
Date of Implementation: 4/18/95
Date of Last Review: 6/18/24

Date & Subject of Amendments:

06/18/24 – Full review, amendment reorganized current language, relocated the "policy development and/or decision-making process" in Part 3 to Part 2, changed title of Part 3 to Selection of Student Representatives, and deleted “members” in the policy.

06/19/19 – Reorganized the language in Parts 1 and 2, replaced the word “shall” with “must”, and added 15 policies and procedures to the Related Document section that reference student consultation or review.

Additional HISTORY