How will we reach the goal?

Intentional focus with an equity-minded lens across six strategic dimensions lies at the heart of Equity 2030. These strategic dimensions undergird Minnesota State core values and mission:

Equity 2030 logo with circle of icons

Enhanced Access icon
Enhanced Access
to a higher education by strengthening partnerships and collaboration with K-12, business and industry, community-based organizations, and philanthropic partners to expand and grow current programming and identify new ways to support students


Student Academic Success icon
Academic Success
by establishing guided learning pathways that focus on academic preparation, progression, and accomplishment within an area of study and career


Student Engagement and Support icon
Student Engagement
within the institution, both academic and non-academic, including supporting basic needs


Data-Guided Decision Making icon
decision making by building a technology infrastructure and expanding capacity for deeper data analytics


Financial Resources icon
Financial Resources
for students and growing the financial resource base for campuses


Workforce Diversity/Strategic Talent Management icon
Workforce and Talent Diversity
by incorporating the local and national context with the changing student and employee demographics and needs - focusing on cultural competence development, inclusive hiring practices, and improved campus climate


Our work often spans several of the six dimensions simultaneously. For example, to ensure student success, we rely on data to know about who our students are and what they need, we work across campus and our communities to support their basic needs as well as their intellectual needs and connect them to jobs.

All of this is what we do now, at every one of the 26 colleges and 7 universities. What is different about Equity 2030 is not "what" we do, but "how" we do it.

Equity 2030 is the integral thread, helping us succeed by focusing our work and clearly defining where we have opportunities to build additional capacity. As part of the multi-phase and multi-year planning required to achieve Equity 2030, we will begin by focusing on:

  • Supporting and expanding student-centered policies and programs
  • Developing equity-minded, evidenced-based and data-informed practices for monitoring and assessment
  • Facilitating and advancing leadership and professional development to support Equity 2030