Minnesota State Promise

Minnesota State promises to provide an extraordinary education that is affordable, accessible, enhances quality of life, and ensures prosperous communities.

Minnesota State is a highly supportive resource for students of all ages, walks of life, and all their different college, career, and community dreams. Our network of universities, community colleges, technical colleges, and certificate programs help you meet your educational goals so you can meet your life goals.

Our promise to you:

  • FREE tuition and required fees for all Minnesota students with a family income under $80,000 with the North Star Promise Scholarship (starting Fall of 2024)
  • Tuition freeze at each of the 33 colleges and universities of Minnesota through spring 2025
  • The LOWEST tuition in the state
  • Z-Degrees at many of our colleges and universities: a Z-Degree is a complete associate or bachelor's degree program that exclusively uses course resources that are no cost to students 
  • Thousands of scholarships available based on areas of study, high demand careers, financial need, academic excellence, and more!
  • American Indian Scholars Program 
  • Wrap-around support for basic needs, including campus food pantries, help with transportation, housing and childcare assistance programs, and mental health resources
  • Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)
  • Concurrent (Dual) Enrollment
  • Assigned academic and faculty advisors to guide students and keep them on track for graduation
  • Caring, engaged faculty who personally teach classes
  • Free tutoring and writing support services to ensure students understand and are prepared for their classes
  • Specific resources for first-generation students (those who are the first in their family to attend college)
  • Seamless transfer pathways from our colleges to our universities
  • Credit for prior learning and career experience to save students time and money
  • Academic programs in the trades, sciences, and liberal arts
  • On campus and online classes and academic programs
  • 54 campuses across the state — students can attend school in every corner of Minnesota
  • Flexibility to meet students' schedules, including taking one class at a time or going to school full-time 

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Check out what our students have to say:

M-State student Shawna Davenport

“M State allowed me to achieve a goal that did not seem possible for a large portion of my life. I was a single mom, working full-time, trying to make ends meet. The ability to earn my degree online on my own schedule made this all possible for me.”
Shawna Davenport, graduate of Minnesota State Community and Technical College

Anoka-Ramsey Community College student Carla Oluwatimi

“I received a federal grant and that pretty much covers most of what I need. I haven’t had to take out a loan…there are scholarships, crisis grants, and Covid relief grants that really helped me. I had to pay very little out of pocket during my two years here. Very affordable.”
Oluwatimi (Carla) Jinadu, student at Anoka-Ramsey Community College


Minneapolis College student Sarah Kaba

“I have been fortunate to have free childcare for my three kids (through the CCMPSS Grant). I have a work study job, and everyone has been so helpful and supportive to me.”
Sarah Kaba, student at Minneapolis College

Anoka Technical College Student Kevin Thao

“All the professors here are great and great at what they teach and what they do…I’m proud to go here. I always say where I am going and tell people which school I’m at!”
Kevin Thao, student at Anoka-Ramsey Community College


Winona State University student Thomas Sawyer

“A lot of what I use in the classroom today with middle school students is a little piece of this and that from all the professors I’ve had at Winona State. I’m grateful that there are professors who are serious, who are really well-respected in the field, and who do a lot of research themselves. It’s just awesome to take that knowledge that I got from Winona State and share it with my students.”
Thomas Sawyer, graduate of Winona State University

SMSU graduate Fadumo Ismail

“I chose SMSU to be closer to my family. I knew I wanted to go to graduate school and was happy to attend an affordable university for my undergraduate degree. I liked knowing I was getting a well-rounded education from passionate professors. The biology and chemistry classes really helped me prepare for the rigorous courses in graduate school.” 
Fadumo Ismail, graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University

Anoka Technical College student Cortez Whitaker

“One of the fundamental issues I faced was how was I going to pay for college. Anoka Tech’s financial aid department was able to help me find several programs that have been beneficial to my family and has created an opportunity for me to focus on my degree.”
Cortez Whitaker, student at Anoka Technical College

Minnesota State College Southeast student Ivey Wadman Vehrenkamp

“I chose to go to Minnesota State College Southeast because of the partnership with Fastenal — not only do we get to learn here at school, but we also learn at work as well.”
Ivey Wadman Vehrenkamp, student at Minnesota State College Southeast