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Board of Trustees Awards


The Board of Trustees Awards for Excellence acknowledge and provide system-wide recognition for consistently superior professional achievement of our college and university teaching and service faculty.

2023 Board of Trustees Awards

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Board of Trustees Awards for Excellence. They will be formally honored at a luncheon on April 19, 2023. Read the announcement.

Look for more details this spring as we continue to celebrate these exemplary teaching and service faculty.

2024 Board of Trustees Awards

Nomination guidelines are available now for next year's BOT Awards. Deadline is November 1, 2023. Learn more on the BOT Awards page of ASA Connect.


Catherine Ford

The nomination guidelines will be available March 1 and due November 1 each year.

Visit the BOT Awards page in ASA Connect for guidelines and rubrics for nominees. Sign in with

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