Tuition Support

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Pathway to 18 strives to ease the credentialing process, including tuition support opportunities.

Black, Indigenous, and Teachers of Color: To support Minnesota’s Black, Indigenous, and teachers of color meet qualifications for teaching concurrent enrollment courses, Pathway to 18 has grant funding to cover tuition and fees over $300 for one graduate course. Funding is limited, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. View eligibility criteria and apply for limited funding.

Minnesota State University Moorhead: Lakes Country Service Cooperative provides tuition support for online graduate courses offered through Minnesota State University Moorhead. Lakes Country Service Cooperative will support $125 per credit toward graduate tuition reducing the cost to $100 per credit for concurrent enrollment instructors. Instructors are responsible for paying the remainder of costs associated with enrollment in graduate courses. Tuition rates posted below.

St. Cloud State University: Gap funding scholarship offered by the university provides tuition savings. Tuition rates posted below.

Credit for Prior Learning: Earn up to six credits with qualifying experiences.

Minnesota Tax Credit: Qualified teachers are eligible for a tax credit for attaining a master’s degree in the teacher’s licensure field.

School District Support: Some school districts may have resources for tuition support, instructional materials, or other incentives for professional development of high school teachers. Inquire with your school administrators if support is offered in your district.

Tuition Costs by University

Cost for Minnesota concurrent enrollment instructors for one 3-credit online graduate course.
University Tuition rate per graduate credit Cost for Minnesota concurrent enrollment instructor for one 3-credit online graduate course
Bemidji State University $478.25 plus fees $1,476.78
Metropolitan State University $474.77 plus fees $1,535.64
Minnesota State University Moorhead $485.74 plus fees $300.00 *
Minnesota State University, Mankato $472.50 plus fees $1,551.33
St. Cloud State University $447.60 plus fees $900.00 **
Southwest Minnesota State University $486.78 plus fees $1,469.97
Winona State University $444.98 plus fees $1,461.21


* Statewide Partnership funds cover the difference
** SCSU scholarship covers the difference

Tuition costs by credit for in-state and out-of-state students