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Workforce and Economic Development

The Workforce and Economic Development division works in partnership with industry, government and education partners to develop the diverse, multi-talented, learning-agile workforce needed to grow Minnesota's economy now and in the future. Read more about the work we do below. 

Minnesota State plays a critical role in elevating career and technical education in Minnesota by increasing learner access to high-quality career and technical programs of study. We provide dedicated resources to implement programs and support the range of educational needs of students from career exploration through college and workforce preparation.

The staff in the Career and Technical Education unit provides statewide leadership and support to Minnesota State community and technical colleges and secondary school districts through a consortium partnership model. We support the mission of Minnesota State through the implementation of the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V) to advance career and technical education for all learners.

Career and Technical Education

The Strategic Partnerships department supports and advocates for the success of adults and other underrepresented learners. With a focus on college access, we work to lower boundaries between agencies, programs, and funding streams to maximize the resources available to students and support community-based organizations and local and regional government units to serve learners. Students bring many assets to our system. And our staff is focused on creating a student-centered culture that recognizes those assets.

Minnesota State hosts eight Centers of Excellence serving Minnesota’s high-growth industries in: healthcare, information technology, agriculture, manufacturing/engineering, energy, and transportation. Centers of Excellence cultivate a pipeline entry point for highly qualified talent to meet industry employment needs and create a diverse workforce that offers equitable employment outcomes for students and incumbent workers. Strategically located throughout the state, the Minnesota State Centers of Excellence drive workforce innovation through education and industry partnerships to inspire students and enhance education.

Centers of Excellence

The Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Network is a Minnesota State collaborative serving 26 colleges and seven universities in implementing and sustaining credit for prior learning policy and practice.

The Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Network’s mission is to:

  • Provide Minnesota State students with increased access to credit for prior learning assessment opportunities, supporting students' educational progress and completion, and Minnesota State's Equity 2030 goal.
  • Facilitate a comprehensive spectrum of choices for campus faculty to assess student learning for credit, certify transferable student competencies, and ensure quality.
  • Collaboratively capitalize on subject-area and resource-based strengths to offer effective and equitable credit for prior learning pathways, create cross-institution crosswalks, and expand the network of campus partners using credit for prior learning standards and best practices.

For more information on the Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Network and becoming a partner campus, visit or email

CPR & First Aid are critical skills necessary for health care and public safety in Minnesota. The Multi-Regional Training Center contracts with the American Heart Association to offer membership and services for instructors providing American Heart Association instruction. The Multi-Regional Training Center provides curriculum and classroom materials, and more for instructors.

Multi-Regional Training Center

New economic and workforce challenges mean that it is more important now than ever before to work together. Minnesota State partners with RealTime Talent to engage over 900 stakeholders from government, private industry, foundations, higher education, and non-profits to support economic growth and prosperity. 

RealTime Talent

The Workforce and Economic Development division manages workforce programs and sponsors online resources for diverse audiences. Find details and resource links in the 'Workforce Tools' section below.

ASA SharePoint/Connect

Find information about leveraged equipment and other programs we manage on ASA SharePoint/Connect using your and password.