The system-wide Capital Budget is comprised of a request for Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) funding and individual capital projects and initiatives to renew and address changing academic conditions, opportunities and strategic direction of our campuses. 

Accessing the Capital Budget Sharepoint Site 
The site is the document repository used by the colleges and universities for ongoing capital budget requests, including Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR).

Request to the State 

2018 Capital Budget request to the State (submitted October 2017) 

Map locations (in blue) of 2018 Capital project requests 

Schedule - 2018 Capital Budget Request.

Predesign Information.

For campuses to prepare a capital project. Includes forms for the latest capital budget submittal process.

HEAPR Operating Instructions

Criteria used when prioritizing HEAPR projects.

2018 Capital Budget Guidelines.

Guidance used in scoring capital project submittals for 2018 capital budget request. Approved by the Board of Trustees March 16, 2016. 

Capital Project Forms (2018) 

  • Narrative. (Word)  
  • Workbook. (Excel) Posted Aug 26, 2016 and reflects latest inflation rates from MMB Building Projects Inflation Schedule (FY2016-2017).

Scoring Forms


HEAPR Budget Workbook. (Excel) Update and submit the HEAPR project budget worksheet to ensure proper consideration on the HEAPR list.

Past Capital Budget Actions

Contains request and results for the 2014-2017 capital budget requests 


Greg Ewig, System Director, Capital Development, 651.201.1775