Finance Division

The Finance Division is comprised of five major units.These units are responsible for the oversight of all issues related to the financial stability and management of the system's 26 colleges, 7 universities, and the system office.

  • Facilities
    Provides campus support services relating to the buildings, land and overall environment of the 54 campuses.
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
    Provides analysis and guidance to assist colleges and universities prepare budgets, plan expenses, and allocate funds in a manner consistent with Board policies and system procedures.
  • Financial Reporting
    Provides accounting functions that include recording, measuring, and describing system financial information.
  • Procurement
    Provides oversight and leadership of procurement practices of all products and services for the system office and campuses.
  • Tax
    Provides assistance to the colleges, universities and the system office to ensure compliance with federal and state tax laws and regulations.

We are happy to announce that the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has named Bill Maki to serve as vice chancellor for finance and facilities. The appointment becomes effective immediately.  Read the press release on this announcement. Please join us in congratulating Bill on her new permanent role and welcoming him to System Office.

Listed alphabetically, below are reports covering a wide range of finance topics

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