The Facilities Unit provides campus support for diverse and complex services relating to the buildings, land and overall environment of the 54 campuses, which includes planning, acquiring, disposing of, financing, constructing, and managing campus land and improvements. The staff ensures colleges and universities have the right space at the right time and that students, faculty, staff, and visitors are kept safe, warm and dry. Sub-units include:

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2024 Capital Request 

For more information about our 2024 Capital Request, please refer to the Legislative Information website.

Recent bonding results

2023: Projects funded in the 2023 bonding bill, which appropriated $181.1 million to Minnesota State. The bill provided:

  • $44.733 million in Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) funding.
  • Funding for 14 of the requested 19 major capital projects.

2022: The legislature adjourned the 2022 session without taking action on a bonding bill.


Capital Improvement Projects Update

Quarterly Projects Report - web based quarterly update of capital and revenue bonded projects
Semi-annual Status Report - pdf report detailing capital projects funded by the state bonding bill, revenue bonds and guaranteed energy savings arrangements. 

All contracts and agreements templates for design and construction, facility use, easements and licenses, and other public sector agreements can be found on the Minnesota State website:


Current listings of requests for information, requests for proposal, requests for qualifications for projects, and employment opportunities can be found on the Minnesota State website, under Facilities Consultant and Contractor Opportunities.

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Find the RFQ for the Facilities P/T Roster program here.