Financial Planning and Analysis

The Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) unit oversees and coordinates the budgeting efforts of the system. The unit works to provide analysis and guidance to assist colleges and universities prepare budget, plan expenses, and allocate funds in a manner consistent with Board policies and system procedures. The unit provides a range of financial analyses and is responsible for the oversight of tuition and fee policy.

The FP&A SharePoint Site is used to submit, update, and store documents. CFOs have been added to the site membership. Contact Matt MacInnes if access is required

Once biennial funding is secured from the Legislature in even numbered years, annual operating budgets are proposed to the Board of Trustees, which is charged with approving the Minnesota State system budget. Supplemental budget request information.

Fiscal Year 2024

Operating Budget Board Packet, including Student Consultation Letters

The biennial operating budget is generated through a process of research and planning by committees that is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. This request for funding is finally presented as a legislative budget request to the Department of Finance of the State of Minnesota.


The Financial Planning and Analysis unit maintains the system’s official student full year equivalent (FYE) enrollment by college and university.  As part of this process, current and future year projections are reported by each college and university.  Student headcount and demographic data is available through the system’s research and planning unit.

Student Full Year Equivalent (FYE) for Fiscal Years 2013 - 2026 (October 2023)

All colleges and universities within the system charge tuition & fees consistent with Minnesota statutes and policies. The current tuition structure includes, but is not limited to, resident/non-resident per credit, programmatic/course, and banded rates. Some of the mandatory and option fees include; senior citizen, parking, student association, activity athletic, health services, and technology.

In the fall of 2018 there was a fee study presented to the board which you can find along with the appendix.

Below you will find documentation concerning the administration, policies and procedures governing the collection of tuition and fees as well as the reciprocity agreements with neighboring states.

Fiscal Year 2024

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