Insurance/Risk Management

Risk management, primarily related to property, auto, liability coverage and purchased policies issues, are coordinated by the Office of the Chancellor in conjunction with the campuses, and governed by Board Policy.

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Insurance Requirements

The TULIP program is offered to campuses where third-party users of campus space need additional insurance coverage to meet liability insurance requirements. Liability insurance requirements are found in the vendor/contractor general insurance requirements link below. TULIP is a product of the University Real Management and Insurance Association (URMIA).
  • TULIP Program Website. For a description and brochures about the TULIP Program. 
  • To register for the program:
    • Step 1: Go to
    • Step 2: Click the About URMIA tab
    • Step 3 Find Subscribe to TULIP; (half-way down the page)
    • Step 4: Complete and submit the application

Once approved, you'll receive an email with the pertinent details, such as your location code for your potential tenant/user, and other data.