Statewide Student Association

Fee Reporting

Board Policy 3.7 Statewide Student Association

There are two statewide student associations within the Minnesota State system - Students United and LeadMN.

Each statewide student association sets its fees and submits any changes in its fees to the Board of Trustees for review. The fees are collected by each college and university pursuant to the current Statewide Student Association Fee Collection Agreement as negotiated between the system and each student association.

Enrollment reports for the current semester are created and posted on this Web site. Additionally, at the end of each fiscal year, a reconciliation of enrollment report is produced and posted. Colleges and universities use these reports to calculate and submit fee payments to the statewide student association that represents their students.

Fee Collection Reports

Reporting Year 2024

As specified within the Statewide Student Association Fee Collection Agreement, these fees are reported and reconciled as fall, spring and summer semesters, with summer specifically as a trailer. For example, reporting year 2024 will include fall (FY24), spring (FY24) and summer (FY25).

Students United Fee Reporting Forms

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LeadMN Fee Reporting Forms

Statewide Student Association Fee Collection Agreements