Insurance/Risk Management

The responsibility of the Risk and Insurance Management unit is to effectively manage risks in order to conserve and manage the assets of the system office, colleges, and universities and minimize the adverse impacts of risks or losses. These include, but are not limited to, property, auto, liability coverage and purchased policies issues, which are coordinated by the Office of the Chancellor, the campuses, and governed by Board Policy.


TULIP(Tenants Users Liability Insurance Policy Program)

The URMIA TULIP program is offered to campuses where third-party users of campus space need additional insurance coverage to meet liability insurance requirements. Liability insurance requirements are found in the vendor/contractor general insurance requirements. TULIP is a product of the University Real Management and Insurance Association (URMIA). To register for the program, complete the application.Once approved, you'll receive an email with the pertinent details, such as your location code for your potential tenant/user, and other data.

Sports Camp Insurance Program

The URMIA Sports Camp Insurance Program protects the sports camp, its coaches and counselors, as well as the college or university where the camp is held. Additionally, participants are covered for medical bills related to accidents occurring at the camp.

Foreign Travel - Study Abroad

Staying healthy and safe are important when you travel abroad and requires careful planning. Before you go, visit this link to learn more about travel information and preparation, insurance, and resources.


Risk and Insurance Management organizes, coordinates, and implements actions to control risks for the system office, colleges, and universities. Please click on the below topic to access more detailed information


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