Tips for reporting (Form 1098-C) of Motor Vehicle, Boat, and Airplane Donations

  1. Only report motor vehicle, boat, and airplane donations. Do not enter other types of donations such as cash or lobster donations for purposes of Form 1098-C reporting.
  2. For a particular donation, please do not list two donor names and only one social security number. Please contact Tax Services if you must report two donor names.
  3. Do not include the donor's middle name or middle initials.
  4. Only record current calendar year donations. The date of the donation must be a current calendar year donation for us to report the donation to the IRS.
  5. Double check the VIN# reported! Does it contain 17 characters? Please recheck it again.
  6. Double check the federal identification number.
  7. Include the "Make" and "Model" of the donated item. Listing "Auto" is not an acceptable make or model. The "Make" and "Model" should be on the vehicle's title.
  8. Retain a copy of the title in case of VIN#, Make, or Model issues.
  9. Note: we will not report a donation to the IRS if the donor does not provide their social security number (or for a business the employer identification number).
  10. Note: an individual does not have to provide their social security number if they are going to claim a value of $500 or less for the donation.  MnSCU will not report the donation to the IRS and tax law does not allow the donor to claim a deduction of more than $500 for the donation on their tax return. It is up to the individual to determine value and whether they want to provide their identification number. Some institutions are having individuals sign the Tennessen warning (see link below).
  11. Please read the " Frequently Asked Question" section on Minnesota State, Tax Services web site and contact Tax with any questions