Minnesota Perkins V Operational Guide

The Minnesota Perkins V Operational Guide has been developed to be the main and trusted source of information for Minnesota State and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) staff and Perkins Coordinators when administering the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V Federal Grant). All grant recipients are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures for audit compliance and program quality purposes. 

Table of Contents

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Section 1 - Administration of the Perkins V Grant

Section 2 - The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act

Section 3 - State Plan, Vision, Mission, and Strategic Directions

Section 4 - Minnesota Perkins Model

State Governance

  • Formation of the Perkins Career and Technical Education Consortium Model
  • Responsibilities of Perkins State Leadership
  • Statewide Communication and Engagement

Consortium Governance

  • Consortium Membership Requirements
  • Consortium Governance Structure
  • Procedure for Changing Consortium Membership
  • Procedure for Joining a Consortium (under construction)
  • Procedure for Appointing Consortium Coordinators & Fiscal Agents

Roles and Responsibilities of Perkins Coordinators

  • Perkins Annual Workflow (under construction)

Section 5 - High Quality CTE Programming

State-Recognized Programs of Study

CTE Program Approval and Review

  • Postsecondary Approval and Review
  • Secondary MDE Program Approval and Review

Section 6 - The Local Application

Local Application Process

Submission of the Local Application

Application Components

  • Consortium Member List
  • Workforce Center Collaboration
  • Narrative Questions
  • Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA)
  • Perkins-Funded Positions
  • Programs of Study
  • Improvement Plans
  • Budget
  • Statement of Assurances and Certifications
  • Consortium Consolidated Equipment Inventory

Local Application Approval Process

Implementation of the Plan

Local Application Budget Changes within the Fiscal Year

  • Postsecondary Budget Changes
  • Secondary Budget Changes

Annual Performance Report (APR)

Section 7 - Accountability, Reporting, and CTE Data

Perkins Performance Indicators


  • Secondary CTE Participant and Concentrator
  • Secondary Core Accountability Indicators (1S1, 2S1, 2S2, 3S1, 4S1, 5S3)
  • Postsecondary CTE Participant and Concentrator
  • Postsecondary Core Accountability Indicators (1P1, 2P1, 3P1)

State-Determined and Local Levels of Performance (SDPL)

  • State-Determined Levels of Performance
  • Local Levels of Performance  
  • State Consolidated Annual Report
  • Perkins V Reporting Available to the Public
  • Local Performance Improvement Plan

CTE Accountability and Reporting Data

Secondary Process

  • Submitting a P-File (Perkins data)
  • Data Verification Process
  • Data Sources
  • Reporting and Accessing Data
    • Useful Links

Postsecondary Process

  • Entry Cohorts
  • Accessing Rights to Data
  • Data Sources
  • Summary Data Reports

Student Data Privacy

  • Access to Private Data
  • Data Use and Reporting
  • Computer and Software Requirements
  • Student Data Privacy Resources

Section 8 - Distribution of Perkins Funding & Financial Requirements

Distribution Formula

  • Consortium Basic Allocation
    • Secondary Formula
    • Postsecondary Formula
  • Consortium Reserve Allocation
  • State Leadership Funds
  • State Administration Funds

Perkins V Finance Cost Centers (Minnesota State)

  • Part 1: Federal Requirements
  • Part 2: Types of Categories
  • Part 3: Fiscal Year Expenditure Timelines
  • Part 4: Expenditure Reimbursement Process (Draws)

SERVS Financial System at MDE

Section 9 - Uses of Perkins Funds

Requirements for Local Uses of Funds

  • Supplement versus Supplant
  • Size, Scope, and Quality
  • Consumables
  • Direct Individual Benefit
  • Capital Improvement
  • Weak or Absent Connections
  • Overarching Considerations and Key Questions

Fund Usage Guidelines

  • Personnel Compensation and PAR
  • Perkins Eligible Programs
    • Postsecondary Approved Programs
    • Secondary Approved Programs
  • Administrative Cost Allowances
  • Fiscal Year Expenditure Timelines

Uses of Funds Examples

Unallowable Uses of Funds

Equipment (Capital Assets)

  • Combined Consortium Equipment Inventory and Asset Tags
  • Postsecondary Equipment
  • Secondary Equipment and Curriculum
    • Criteria for Secondary Perkins Funded Purchases
    • Requirements for State Pre-Approval
    • Inventory Control Requirements
    • Perkins Funding for Curriculum Software/License
  • Equipment Disposal
    • Postsecondary Disposal
    • Secondary Disposal

Section 10 - Monitoring

Minnesota’s Perkins V Monitoring Process

  • Objectives for Perkins Monitoring
  • Priorities for Review

Selection of Consortia to be Monitored

  • Program Performance
  • Data Reporting
  • Other Factors
  • Fiscal Analysis

Fiscal Desk Audit Process

  • Fiscal Audit Criteria

Structure of Monitoring Visits

Section 11 - Office of Civil Rights Reviews

Section 12 - Retention of Perkins V Grants

Section 13 - Policies

Minnesota State

  • Minnesota State Procurement
  • Minnesota State Travel
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Minnesota State Gratuity
  • Minnesota State Inventory Controls
  • Minnesota State Cash Management
  • Minnesota State Code of Conduct
  • Minnesota State Advisory Committees
  • Minnesota State Grant Management

Minnesota Department of Education

  • MDE Cash Management
  • MDE Allowable Cost
  • Commissioner's Plan (travel reimbursement) (under construction)
  • State Match Requirements

Section 14 - Perkins Glossary