Master Plans (Comprehensive Facilities Plan)

Board of Trustees policy 6.9 obligates all Minnesota State campuses to update their Comprehensive Facilities Plans (formerly known as master plans) on a regular basis (generally, every 5 years).

More detailed information about the CFP update process (including developing an RFP), campuses may consult the Comprehensive Facilities Plans SharePoint page (restricted access).

Updating your CFP — Getting Started

CFP Update Guidelines - Outlines the process for updating a campus CFP and contains checklists outlining the content required in each section of the CFP document.

Presenting your CFP update

Guide to the final CFP presentation - Outlines the process for developing the final presentation and contains a recommended presentation template.

Additional Guidelines

For additional guidelines related to space planning and physical security, please visit the Reports, Studies, and Guidelines page.

For questions about Comprehensive Facilities Plans, please contact Michelle Gerner (651-201-1531,