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NRA Vendor Tax Training - September 28, 2023

This presentation covers current Minnesota State Procedures for payments made to foreign individuals and businesses.

2020 W-4 Form Presentation - November 25th, 2019 (updated 12/10) - Download PowerPoint

Note: The 2020 W-4 Presentation will be revised when updates to the tax form information are provided by the IRS and state tax authorities. To be certain that you have the most recent version of the presentation, please save the link to this page rather than downloading the presentation to your computer.

Minnesota Nonresident Entertainer Tax - Presentation August 14th, 2019 - Download PowerPoint

International Employees and Tax Residency Information Forms - Student Payroll and State Paid Employees

  • Tax Residency: What’s it all about?
  • Identifying Foreign Hires
  • Tax Residency Information Form & Documentation
  • Taxing Nonresident Alien Employees

The target audience is campus staff who are responsible for:

  • Student employee set up in ISRS & state employee set up in SEMA4
  • Student employee & state employee paperwork – including I-9’s 
Recorded Presentation - August 17, 2017 (link is to Kaltura Mediaspace, use Internet Explorer)
Presentation Documents

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